Landscapes, waterfalls, ice lagoons and black sand.
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GUA-2424 Graffetti, Reykjavik
1 Graffetti, Reykjavik
GUA-2433 Frikirkjan, Church, Reykjavik
2 Frikirkjan, Church, Reykjavik
GUA-2435 Monument to the Unknown Official/Bureaucrat
3 Monument to the Unknown Official/Bureaucrat
GUA-2438 Domkirkjan, Reykjavik
4 Domkirkjan, Reykjavik
GUA-2441 Monument plaque, Reyjkavik
5 Monument plaque, Reyjkavik
GUA-2449 Radhuis, Reykjavikur
6 Radhuis, Reykjavikur
GUA-2451 Icelandic National Gallery
7 Icelandic National Gallery
GUA-2452 Buildings on Laekjargata
8 Buildings on Laekjargata
GUA-2464 Sun Voyager, Solfar
9 Sun Voyager, Solfar
GUA-2466 Sun Voyager, Solfar
10 Sun Voyager, Solfar
GUA-2468 Lighthouse, near Harpa Hall
11 Lighthouse, near Harpa Hall
GUA-2470 Harpa, Concert hall
12 Harpa, Concert hall