Tony Rye Photography

Album - Chad Panoramas

Somewhere in Chad

This is list of panoramas taken in the Dolomites, Italy, in 2006. These panoramas open in a new window and display full screen. The panoramas will automatically scroll left. The mouse can be used to drag the image. The mouse scroll wheel will zoom the image. These images are low resolution

  • Image: 1 Salt Caravan, Chad
  • Image: 2 Ounianga lakes, Chad
The panoramas open in a new window Open Panoramas

The mouse and keyboard controls include:

M Toggles between mouse modes.
1 Sets the scale to 100%.
2 Sets the scale to 200%.
5 Sets the scale to 50%.
A Shows as much of the image as possible without a margin.
+/- Zooms (in/out).
+/- Zooms in/out (using smaller steps if shift key is pressed).
Cursor keys Pans the image.
Shift+Cursor keys Moves the image evenly.
Enter Enlarges viewer to full window size.
Escape Stops moving the image or resizes viewer from full window to normal.

Icons are provided to zoom and advance the image etc.