Map of 50 Walks

Map Selection and Colour Coding

This map may be controlled using the menu in the top left of the map pane. This provides options to view All tracks or the tracks for a selected Named Trail. It is also possible to view walks for a single (or multiple) years. The tracks are coloured by using year to select hue and using three shades to indicate individual walks.


This table (which may be slow to appear) lists all the walks. Note they are initially in date order and the distances (km) may contain small errors.

Note tracks are clickable for date, walk duration and distance checking. The tracks are shown with a colour scheme that uses the hue to denote the calendar year, and shades to separate walks.

To sort on multiple columns use shift-click.

Walking map notes provides some technical notes on the construction of this page.

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IDDateTrailDistance (km)Duration Av Speed(km/h)
IDTrailNo. DaysDistance (km)
IDNo. DaysDistance for Year (km)