Tony Rye Photography

Technical Notes

This web site has been built using a large number of different tools. This page summarises the tools and their functionality.

Imaging Tools
  • Lightroom CC: supports management and development of all the images.
  • Google/Nik Silver Efex Pro: Used for some of the monochrome images. More powerful than Lightroom.
  • Photoshop CC: occasionally used to tidy images - mainly cloning out larger irritating objects.
  • Hugin: A better more versatile and capable tool for panorama stitching, than those available in Lightroom/Photoshop.
Photo Album Tools
  • jAlbum: used for the main albums it provides tools for tagging, commenting, sorting and publishing albums.
    • Tiger used for main albums.
    • Turtle skin used for Museum albums.
Web Tools
Mapping Tools
GPX Tools
  • GPSbabel: toolbox for conversion and filtering of GPS files
  • BaseCamp: Garmin tool for viewing and editing of GPX files
AV/Video tools
Further information on the collection and management of GPS data is provided in the Map Technical Notes page.
Useful Stuff

Hugin panorama image stitching

Twitter Bootstrap web front-end framework