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Jalbum Photo album maker.

Hugin Panorama image stitcher.

Geosetter Geotagg images using GPS data.

GPSBable GPS data conversion and filtering.

KML Tours Generation of google earth tours (KML) from GPS data. Note: This site has been removed following the withdrawal of the google browser plugin.

Blurb Photo books.

Darkroom techniques

Darkroom Source (photographic darkrooms) Darkroom FAQ

Mike Ware's Alternative Photo Processes The acknowledged master of modern alternative processes. The inventor of the Argyrotype.

Alternative Photography Process Mailing List Archive contains much advice on all alternative processes

The Massive Developing Chart how to develop any film with any developer

Silverprint London supplier of all photographic materials and chemicals

Photo Archives and Other Resources

The Magnum Archive contains examples from Cartier-Bresson, McCurry, Arnold, Parr and many others

The Royal Photographic Society

Atlas Gallery London gallery specialising in photographs. Contains a good set of Frank Hurley's photographs of the Shakleton Antarctic Expedition.

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Hugin panorama image stitching

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