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The following slide shows are available or in preparation. The most recent shows are at the top of the list.

Note: this list is very out of date and more recent talks have yet to be added to this list. Contact me for latest information.
ID Title Description
23 Kangchenjunga and Singalila RidgeA Trek in West Bengal and Sikkim;
22 From Voodoo to OuagadougouA Journey through Benin, Togo and Burkina Faso;
21 Kingdom of MustangA short walk to see the King, Nepal;
20 LaosHill Tribes and Temples;
19SudanCrossing the Bayuda Desert by Camel;
18ZambiaCanoeing down the Zambezi;
17Winter LadakhFestivals of the Oracles in Ladakh, India
16EthiopiaTrekking the Simien Mountains in North Ethiopia
15MongoliaTrekking in West Mongolia
14MaliSub Sahara Africa. Timbuktu, Dogon, Djenne Mosque
13LibyaDeserts; Roman towns; mud brick towns
12KamchatkaTrekking to Russian volcanoes; brown bears;
11Dolpo, NepalRemote Nepal trek, village life; mountains;
10SvalbardTrekking in Spitsbergen; arctic landscapes
9South IndiaTemples, towns, Coorg hills; plantations; backwaters;
8NamibiaNamib desert landscapes; Fish River Canyon, diamond ghost town; wildlife of Etosha;
7VietnamSiagon to Hanoi; temples; markets; Mekong delta; city life;
6YemenTravels in Arabia; Sana’a; mud brick architecture; desert landscape; markets;
5BoliviaLa Paz; Lake Titicaca; trek in Cordillera Real
4Uzbekistan, KirghizstanTashkent, Samarkand and Pamirs of Kirgizstan; Peak Lenin
3Silk Road, China, PakistanOver the Karakoram Highway to Xin Jiang Province; Sunday Market Kashgar; trek to Musta’Ata and Bogda
2EverestWinter trek to Everest Base Camp
1LadakhComposite show. Indian Himalaya, trekking in Himachal Pradesh, Ladakh and Zanskar
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